Starcraft2 Tips and strategy advice

Some general tips and strategy advice for better gameplay


  1. Learn how to use hotkeys and control groups


This will permit you to designate many units to the same shortcut, which you can then flip between quickly to stay on top of the game. We genuinely recommend playing via the campaign utilizing their preferred hotkeys and control groups if you already have accessibility to the single-player mission material.


Take the advice here: pick nothing with the mouse with your first multiplayer game onwards. You’ll pay the price in the early games, but you’ll be strongly motivated to get on top of the situation much faster.


  1. Don’t play with the AI


When you first start up StarCraft 2, don’t spend too much time playing against the computer. If you want to get a feel for how to play from the ground up, play a few AI battles first, but you have nothing at all to lose and everything to gain by jumping right into matches against real-life opponents.


Yes, you’ll lose a few at first, but you’ll learn far more this way. You’re not out to dominate – certainly not yet – but rather to learn new things from each match that you can use to the following battle.


  1. Deal with turtle players


From time to time, you’ll face opponents who turtle. Don’t waste all of your valuable combat units – and, by extension, your resources – by continually sacrificing it all to their well-constructed defenses.


Instead, go for the long game and be more adventurous. Get out there and expand brutally with additional bases and units so that once you’ve controlled the battlefield, you can unleash a massive show of might on them. In every match, there are scarce resources, and whoever controls most of the triumphs in the long term.


  1. Use Attack-Move


Always utilize Attack-Move instead of Retreat-Move if you’re going for the kill and not fleeing an imbalanced battle. This assures that your troops got to fire first when it runs across an opponent unit.


The sole exception to this rule is if you need the units to target something particularly dangerous in the enemy’s army before sweeping up the rest of their forces. Attack-Move, on the other hand, will offer you an advantage in low-level matchups. Consider it your normal action, and then figure out when to bend the rules to fit your needs.